Nov. 2nd, 2004

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i voted this morning. didn't have to wait in line too long. and now i have an 'i voted' sticker to lord over people all day. last night i got 4 or 5 phone calls from people seeking my insight and knowledge on claifornia's 2837 ballot initiatives up for vote this election. good to know that people look to me as a resource. :)

i am so so so nervous about this. my biggest fear is that it takes another 5 weeks to figure out who won, and what on earth will happen if it goes to the supreme court? with rhenquist out sick, it'd be 4 - 4! and then we just have no president for 4 years! my head will just explode. i can't handle another round of litigation on some novel twist in election law. i can't do it.

also, my computer has been really slow lately and i think there's some kind of virtual memory management issue. i'm trying not to throw it off the balcony like a rotted pumpkin.

off to work - two hearings today. doing my part to ensure fair actions by county, state, and federal governments. i see you, governmental officers! i'm watching you!
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good thing i have so many episodes of the west wing on my tivo. i much prefer the fictional white house - where the president seems to have the same overall goals as i do, where he pushes for policies to move the country in a direction i think is wise, where i trust him to watch over the country and protect my interests even when i'm not paying attention - and i think i'll go hide there for a while.

like for 4 years.

at least the propositions seem to be going well - the money for stem cell research was approved, it looks like limitations on the three strikes law will be approved. there's a proposition to levy a tax on personal income over $1 million per year and use the funds to expand county mental health services, which is totally a goal i applaud and a funding method i approve of. it better win or i just will not know what to do with myself.

i know things will be fine. i'm disappointed. but i feel less ... defeated than i thought i might.

i still just wish that this isn't happening, that things are different.


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